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Kingman is a city located in Mohave County in Northwestern Arizona. As of the 2010 census, the city of Kingman had a total population of 28,068 and nearby communities bring the total population to a little over 50,000.

Kingman is an affordable community, located in the midst of breathtaking natural beauty with the sunbelt lifestyle. Kingman's elevation, at 3,336 ft., provides an ideal southwestern climate -- neither too hot or too cold! Our dry climate adds to its healthy attributes.

Hualapai Mountain County Park is located 14 miles east of Kingman and the Hualapai Mountains offer a cool, forested environment similar to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Pines trees, oaks, aspens and birch trees offer sharp contrasts to surrounding desert terrain. Mule deer, fox, chipmunks, eagles, raccoons and even elk are some of the common wildlife. Campsites and rustic cabins are available. Also, RV parking, group picnic areas and hiking trails are abundant.

Strategic Location
35 miles to Laughlin, NV
100 miles to Las Vegas, NV
147 miles to Flagstaff
150 miles to the Grand Canyon
170 miles to Sedona
190 miles to Phoenix
319 miles to Los Angeles
38 miles to Lake Mohave
60 miles to Lake Havasu
80 miles to Hoover Dam
80 miles to Lake Mead
283 miles to Lake Powell
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Whether you prefer hiking in the foothills, splashing in the water, or viewing desert flowers, the town has something for everyone. With excellent outdoor resources -- 1,000 miles of freshwater shoreline within a 1 hour drive, the 7,000 foot Haualapai Mountains with tall large pine trees just 15 minutes away, many surrounding wilderness areas, rugged desert mountains, historic mining camps, hunting, fishing, and hiking -- the outdoor buff has choices galore!

Kingman is the county seat of Mohave County and the regional trade and service center for a market area of over 125,000. Kingman is a transportation center along the Interstate I-40 corridor with more commercial truck traffic than any other route in the United states, at the intersection of the Canamex Highway connecting Canada and Mexico, Old Route 66, US 93 to Phoenix or Las Vegas, and State Route 68 which leads to Laughlin, Nevada.

Kingman has excellent rail service with the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railway going through it with over 100 trains per day. The best part, there is no tie-up of traffic in the city due to railroad underpasses. Now that's planning!

The distance from Kingman to Washington DC is 2115 miles. Some driving times are 45 minutes to Laughlin, 1 hour to Lake Havasu City, 2 hours to Las Vegas, 1 1/2 hours to Lake Mead and Hoover Dam, 3 1/2 hours to Phoenix, 3 hours to the Grand Canyon National Park, and 4 hours to Los Angeles.

With a strong work force, a growing retirement community, and strong, close-knit, family atmosphere, Kingman is truly a vibrant, growing city. Kingman prides itself on its place in both historical and modern America. Kingman is the “Best Place to Retire and Reinvent Your Life”

Move To Kingman, Arizona and Escape Nature's Fury
No Wildfires, No Earthquakes, No Tornadoes, No Hail,
No Volcanoes, No Hurricanes, No Mudslides, No Flooding
No Ice or Bitter Winter Weather, and a rare Snow only lasts till noon!
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